Tips for Holding the Guitar – Improve Playing Instantly

Maybe the first problem for a person taking a guitar in his hands for the first time was holding it properly. As funny as that sound there is a lot of important detail that make the difference between an amateur and a professional guitarist. And every one of those pro’s has his own trick, but for a beginners guide i will give you more information that you need about making the first step towards rocking out like a famous rock star.

First you must make your decision do you want to be standing up or sitting down. Sitting down is usually the easier option and putting something under your right feet if you are right handed like a book or a box if you don’t have money for that fancy leg stand. This should tremendously help your posture so your back won’t bend and you can be comfortable while playing.

Next thing is holding the pick, you may rest your hand on top of the guitar’s body and choose if you want to hold your pick with two or three fingers and that should be more than enough to learn in the beginning. Your left hand should not be touching your torso most beginners put a pillow between their ribs and their elbow so they would get used to this one.

You can choose between two grips of your left hand you have the classical and the baseball grip. Baseball grip is how you would grab and hold a baseball club it is mostly used by musicians that choose to play some simpler compositions. Classical grip is a bit more tedious and may hurt your ligaments if you don’t relax and try not to “choke” the life out of you guitar neck. Your hand should be at an angle slightly less than ninety degrees from your wrist and your thumb should be resting on the back of the guitar neck. This grip provides a lot of speed and precision, but demands a high level of wrist flexibility and could lead to ligament injury if it is not properly done.

Standing up is a whole other story. You should choose your guitar strap length. Of course it is cool especially if you are into hard rock and metal to have your guitar hanging down to your ankles and no one wants to look like a total newbie with a guitar hanging below his chin but a proper length depends on a players skill and preference.

The longer the strap, the lower ( And cooler ) the guitar will be, but due to the wrist angle playing something would be harder and at one point impossible and of course that is an injury just waiting to happen.

You need to find the sweet spot, but the general rule should be better you are, the longer that the strap can be so don’t overestimate yourself because people want to hear you playing and if that means looking a little awkward go with it there will be a time for showing off when you improve or you could just sit on a bar stool and play it cool. There are great online guitar lessons like Jamplay and Guitar Tricks that can help in your leanring.